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New Era Newspaper Wednesday November 22, 2017

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16 YOUTH CORNER Wednesday, November 22 2017 | NEW ERA Name joke: a type of joke using English names that have the same pronunciation as other words, but a different meaning. Activity 1 Before you read, match the word to a definition. 1. alike 2. amusing 3. cliff 4. haunted 5. seagull a. a grey and white bird which lives near the sea b. a high area of land which ends suddenly, usually on the coast c. describes a place where ghosts or spirits visit d. funny e. similar to something What’s in a name? By Julie Dawn Fox What’s so funny? Cliff, Annette and Russell are typical British names. Do they seem funny to you? Probably not, but some people with these names are tired of people laughing at them. Why do they laugh? Name jokes A lot of English names sound the same as verbs or nouns; in fact some of them are exactly the same. That makes it easy for people to make jokes like this: Question: What do you call a man with a seagull on his head? Answer: Cliff. Why is that funny? Because seagulls usually live in or on cliffs near the coast. Here’s another: Question: What do you call a man in a pile of leaves? Answer: Russell. Russell sounds the same as rustle, which is the noise you make if you move dry leaves. Not so funny? How about this one? Activity 2 Now complete the sentences using words from the text. Make any changes to the words that are necessary. 1. I love walking along the (..........) on windy days watching giant waves crashing on the rocks below. 2. My friend and her sister look so (..........) it’s difficult to believe they aren’t twins. 3. People say that the old castle on the hill is (..........) by the ghost of a prince who was murdered in his sleep. 4. There are always lots of (..........) flying around at my local beach. 5. We all thought that the comedian was very (..........). Activity 3 Decide if the following statements are true or false, according to the text. Can you correct the false ones? 1. Name jokes are based on words that have alternative meanings or sound similar to something else. 2. You can only use real names to make name jokes. 3. It’s easy to make name jokes. 4. Everyone loves name jokes. 5. If you meet someone with a funny name you should always try to make a joke about it. Activity 4 Read the imaginary book titles and the names of the imaginary authors. In the third column, write the imaginary author names as the words they sound like. Use the book title to help you and remember to say the names aloud. Book title Author Words it sounds like e.g. In The Forest Theresa Green trees are green School Sports Jim Nasium Question: What do you call a woman standing on a tennis court? Answer: Annette. Did you get it? ‘A net’! By the book A creative way of turning names into jokes is by matching book titles with amusing author names. Try saying these aloud: Problems With Underwear Tying Shoelaces Geology Essentials Sailing The Pacific Lucy Lastic Ben Dover Roxanne Minerals Willie Maykit An Optician’s Guide by Seymour Clearly (see more clearly) Coastal Walks by Cliff Topp-Path (cliff-top path) Haunted House by Hugo First (you go first) Long Walk Home by Miss D. Buss (missed the bus) My Worst Journey by Helen Back (hell and back) Off To Market by Tobias A. Pigg (to buy us a pig). Activity 5 Do people in your country make name jokes, too? How funny is this type of joke? Over to you It’s easy to make name jokes yourself when you think about other meanings for words that sound alike. Bill, for example, is a short version of the name William and also something you have to pay in a restaurant or for electricity. Can you make a joke about Bill? A word of warning Name jokes can be very funny, especially when they are invented names. However, people with names that could be funny may not be so amused. If it’s possible to make a joke using their name, someone has probably done it, possibly hundreds of times, so don’t be surprised if they don’t laugh at your joke! Activity 4 1. gymnasium; 2. loose elastic; 3. bend over; 4. rocks and minerals; 5. Will he make it? Activity 3 1. True (T); 2. False (F) – Name jokes can be very funny, especially when they are invented names; 3. T; 4. F – Some people with these names are tired of people laughing at them; 5. F – No, people with names that could be funny may not be so amused Activity 2 1. cliffs; 2. alike; 3. haunted; 4. seagulls; 5. amusing Activity 1 1. e; 2. d; 3. b; 4. c; 5. a Answers For more fun activities to help you learn English visit Send your feedback to © British Council 2016

Wednesday, November 22 2017 | NEW ERA ADVERT 17 NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT Gravel mining on the reminder of Portion B of Swakopmund town and townlands No. 41 in the Nonidas area. Strydo Construction cc and Refuse Solutions cc in agreement with the Swakopmund Municipality propose to conduct gravel mining on the reminder of portion B of the Swakopmund town and townlands No.41 in the Nonidas Area. The proposed activities to be carried are as follow; Proponent 1; Proposed activity Site Extent: Proponent 2; Proposed activity Site Extent: NOTICE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA) FOR THE PROPOSED SAND MINING AT OKALOKO VILLAGE, OKAHAO CONSTITUENCY OMUSATI REGION & INVITATION TO A PUBLIC MEETING all interested and affected parties (I&APs) that an will be submitted to the Environmental Commissioner, in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Management Act (No. 7 of 2007) and EIA Regulations (GN 30 of 2012) as follows: Project Name: Sand Mining Proponent: Kambwa Trading Enterprises CC Project Location: Okaloko Village, Okahao Constituency, Omusati Region. Public Meeting Date: 01 Dec. 2017 Venue: Okaloko Village, Headman’s house Time: 10:00-13:00 Deadline for submission of comments: 10 Dec. 2017 To register, submit your details to LEC at: Email: Tel: +264 81 472 2552 or +264 81 7813958 Strydo Construction Gravel mining/excavation 25.25 hectare Refuse Solutions cc Gravel mining/excavation 12.88 hectare In terms of the Environmental Management Act, Act No.07 of 2007 and its Regulations (GN No.30 of 2012), the proposed activities cannot be undertaken without an Environmental Impact Assessment being carried out Notice is hereby given in terms of the Environmental Management Act, No.07 submitted to the relevant competent authority and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET). All potential Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) are hereby requested to register and send their comments to info@greengain. before the 30 November 2017. The need for a public meeting will be communicated to all registered IAPs. Environmental Assessment Practitioner: Green Gain Environmental Consultants cc Address: Shop No.07 Heidi’s Ecke Building, Walvis Bay, Enquiries: 081 1422927 Joseph Kondja NORED Electricity (Pty) Ltd invites competent and registered service providers to tender for the. DESCRIPTION: “Supply & Delivery of various light vehicles” “Tender No NE 019/2017” “Supply & Delivery of cable stand trailers” “Tender No NE 020/2017” “Supply & Delivery of luggage trailers” “Tender No NE 021/2017” The TOR is available as from Thursday, 16 November N0.00, non- refundable. Please submit your original Tender documents in a sealed envelope clearly marked. By Post: The Tender Secretary, Nored Electricity (Pty) Ltd, P O. Box 639 ONDANGWA Or By Hand: The Tender Secretary, Nored Electricity (Pty) Ltd, Ondangwa-Oshakati Main Road, ONDANGWA KINDLY NOTE THAT ALL TENDERS ARE SUBJECT TO THE RULES AND REGULATION OF NORED ELECTRICITY PROCUREMENT AND TENDER PROCEDURES. INVITATION TO TENDER Administration Enquiries: Ms. Johanna Luanda Technical Enquiries: Ms. Seldene Steenkamp Eenhana Vocational Training Centre (EVTC) is hereby informing the following applicants that they have been admitted (provisionally/waiting list) for January 2018 intake at EVTC. You are once again reminded that you should make your own accommodation arrangements as we do not have hostel facilities. Candidates who are on the waiting list should report on the 10 January 2018 for possible spaces in case the accepted trainees have not shown up. Bring along the registration fee of N$ 2500.00, your original school leaving certificates and ID/birth certificates /full birth certificates/passport. PLUMBING AND PIPE FITTING LEVEL 1 NO SURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER Please take note of the following dates: 1 Abed Nikodemus Boyky Tsenay Seblon 96020401065 Male Compulsory Registration Date for Level 1 & 2: 9 January 2018 2 Angula Sesilia Ndinelao 91032000597 Female Compulsory Registration for level 3 and waiting list: 10 January 2018 3 Eliander Eliander Nghiisuna 97082000294 Male Induction date: 11 January 2018 (Level 1) 4 Fillemon Laimi Ndapendulwapo Naveuye 95090400652 Female 5 Haimbodi Gabriel Sakeus Ndapwoita 95111600639 Male Training commence: 15 January 2018 (Level 1- 3) 6 Haimbodi Indileni Kamudimomhu 88080400865 Female 7 Haindongo Jesaya Nghilifavali 96071500467 Male NB: * All the trainees who will not turn up on the registration date, their space will be forfeited 8 Jafeta Paulina 98032500308 Male Trainees who failed assesment are expected to come and register for retraining as from 16 - 17 January 20189 Johannes Johanna 94110800730 Female 10 Johannes Stefanus Tuhafeni 93041001284 Male 11 Junias Klemendina Munindumbo 95042800530 Female OFFICE ADMINISTRATION 12 Kamati Abisai 95092200065 Male NOSURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER 13 Kambonde Matheus Iilifa 95092301228 Male 1 Amakali Jennifer Lisa 96021100239 Female 14 Kanjuumbo Elizabeth Peneyambeko 92070900584 Female 2 Amunyela Teodor Peyombili 90040401944 Male 15 Naboth Kristine 97032701086 Female 3 Andreas Johannes Kakunawe 94010900137 Male 16 Ndafomwenyo Ndapewa 96020400514 Female 4 David Vistorina Namupa Kashile 92120200807 Female 17 Shaljongue Tresia Nanyeoshomuli 94072200662 Female 5 Ekandjo Helena Mupopya 96102000072 Female 18 Shinyata Hilma Nemwati 94081801274 Female 6 Elia Nelao Ainna 94060600202 Female 19 Simon Elizabeth Kauliteekwa 92080900064 Female 7 Gabriel Rauna Ndapandula 93102000282 Female 20 Usiku Lamek Roby Tuyakula 9209020332 Male 8 Guilhermo Hendrina Ingashikuka 88032700218 Female WAITING LIST 9 Hafeni Ester Ndamononghenda 88021200804 Female NO SURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER 10 Haihambo Albertina Grasia Ndilyowike 94092100043 Female 1 Eelu Aktofel 22900195 Male 11 Haininga Ravinia 93091801098 Female 2 Gideon Stephanie Sylvia Ningenic 97071300909 Female 12 Hedimbi Rosalia Panduleni 95111300430 Female 3 Haufiku Teofelus 94010700254 Male 13 Hipopilwa Veronika Naveuye 97111800451 Female 4 Mwandingi Tuwilika Ndahalamo 96070100255 Female 14 Ihambo Petrus 85071410214 Male 5 Namwiiha Jesaya Simaneka 96021300807 Male 15 Iimalwa Josefine Nuuyuni 91061200248 Female 6 Nghipunya Sesilia Lipitwa 94090601568 Female 16 Iimene Sydia Ndiyola 98081000410 Female 7 Shaanika Emma Lahya Ndapandula 94121201493 Female 17 Johannes Mweshilonga 95012600886 Female 8 Shuushe Olivia Moneni 98062600300 Female 18 Kashona Elisa 87071000565 Female 9 Thomas Bonifatius Sheehama 96051100660 Male 19 Matheus Maria Kandiwapa 90093000960 Female 10 Thomas Wilhelm Nghilimbikilwa 96042800434 Male 20 Mikka Lusia Ndaendelao 97092600097 Female JOINERY AND CABINET MAKING LEVEL 1 21 Mvula Anna Tangeni 95041800413 Female NO SURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER 22 Nahenda Anna Megameno Hambeleleni 97020300097 Female 1 Angula Malakia 97091900863 Male 23 Nakwalumbu Ndamonghenda pehovelo 93081300727 Female 2 Axel Nkelo Student 97050100269 Male 24 Nanghema Helvi Nelao 98091500149 Female 3 Gervasius Albertina Shekupe 97012800321 Female 25 Nangolo Laina Nashikonya 96010100615 Female 4 Hamukoto Ndeufilwa Ndatelela Helvi 97032200281 Female 26 Nangombe Tuhafeni Shiningayamwe 97010600848 Male 5 Haufiku Laurencia 87061000902 Female 27 Nashinwe Foibe 96082800427 Female 6 Hinyekamunu Wilhelmina Ndinelao 94072401056 Male 28 Ndakondja Sarafina Pashukeni 96090500429 Female 7 Hitila Lukas Hafeni 90021100756 Male 29 Nduuvundi Erastus Ndanyengwa 92081001330 Male 8 Joseph Saima Nangula 97052000083 Female 30 Niinkoti Simon Kapolo 97110900347 Male 9 Kayambu Tulipohamba Nghilifavali 94092700393 Male 31 Shikongo Alina Nambashu 97082100256 Female 10 Matheus Tiilie Ndalikokule 95082200027 Female 32 Shilongo Secili Ndatolewe 86071500737 Female 11 Mwaetako Tetekela 92091301485 Male 33 Shilula Maria Nduumanako 95101500445 Female 12 Namupala Magdalena Ndemufa 96092301113 Female 34 Shilunga Elina Megameno 97090100987 Female 13 Nghifilenya Melekaye Meamene 98020400400 Male 35 Simon Fransina Ndadaleka 94100500726 Female 14 NghiwewelekwaIleni Ndevahoma 98120100417 Male 15 Shikolaye Rosalia Nghituvali 96122501093 Female WAITING LIST 16 Shikwambi Malakia 68090301347 male 1 Hamutwe Elise Ndeshipanda Padjohamba93090900203 Female 17 Shoopala Erkkie Tangeni 97123100344 Male 2 Kadenga Diina Ndikongela Kauna 97090600262 Female 18 Teritius Ondelitus 95091400931 Male 3 Martin Apollonia 95051600778 Female 19 Ukelo Edward Tuyoleni 90082400229 Male 4 Wandjowili Hambeleleni 94061201122 Female 20 Walfrid Fabiamus 93022200110 Male 5 Venela Martha 92110400347 Female WAITING LIST 6 Nghitongo Ndilimeke 95091200355 Female NO SURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER 7 Shaambeni Hendrina Ndapandula 96060200327 Male 1 Jekonia Germany 87091700503 Male 8 Shigwedha Thomas 96050501386 Female 2 Leo Elizabeth Nayitsuwe 95011700909 Female 9 Shilimonhulo Johanna Ndinelao 94080701039 Female 3 Mushimba Nelago Nuusiku 96093000467 Female 10 Simon Ulipamwe Helalia 94091100589 Female 4 Nakanyala Elise Pombili 91092100733 Female 5 Pokati Paulus Ndeutapo 94030900542 Male BRICKLAYING AND PLASTERING LEVEL 1 6 Sakaria Vistorina Aili Kaunapawa 96050800626 Female NOSURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER 7 Salom Rosalia 95013100477 Female 1 Auala Pinehas Ndeshipanda 92052800255 Male 8 Shindyabili Berta Ndahambelela 97031300312 Female 2 Haushona Alexadre 20/08/1993 Male 9 Tuyapeni Kristofina 97111000293 Female 3 Jonas Jonas 28/07/1994 Male 10 Usiku Festus Tangeni 95051400671 Male 4 Naftal Efraim Ndakalako 95092400498 Male WELDING AND METAL FABRICATION LEVEL 1 5 Nakalila Beata Ndatoolewe 95062600456 Female NO SURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER 6 Ndahangwapo Nestory Nghiwanwa 95082901044 Male 1 Amukugo Simeon 96062300402 Male 7 Ndiwakalunga Jandjenishali Twapewa 89011300440 Male 2 Angula Tuhafeni Matheus 95022800152 Male 8 Nghiyoonanye Pinehas Ndahalaouwa 93120101297 Male 3 Augustus Simon Ndadjamondjo 95051200400 Male 9 Paulus Roose Ndeya 97012600543 Female 4 Heita Gerde Penashimwe 94031800576 Male 10 Shawapala Johannes 90030200520 Male 5 Iipumbu Tobias Tate 91111200386 Male 11 Shilongo David Peter 93013100230 Male 6 Imbili Ndapewa 95042400729 Male 12 Shimutwikeni Ashishe Nghidinitate 85062710596 Male 7 Kamenye Johannes Nehale 96102300378 Male 13 Shindinge Petrus Nafimane Ndilipunye 92022700597 Male 8 Kapiya Jackson Shanghala peingondjambi93073000143 Male 14 Shiyelekeni Robert Ndevahokwa Ileni 91080900438 Male 9 Kefas Wilka Shioto 87100700701 Male 15 Ndashiva Onesmus Nghipewambedi 96011500730 Male 10 Miguel Pandaeinge Bonifatius 92082801314 Male 16 Uutoni Festus Hafeni 89092100374 Male 11 Muthoko Maria 96030400894 Female 17 Vatilifa Petrus Shaamwapeni 96120400214 Male 12 Namhola Kautondokwa Hendrick 97091900618 Male 18 Venasiu Thomas Nghiyengwamuntu 87011600876 Male 13 Nashikaku Ester Natangwe 95052100531 Female 19 Werner Joseph 98110500218 Male 14 Ndapuka Antony Labowski 93093000645 Male 20 Wirbard Andreas 95041201188 Male 15 Nghipungobe David Nangolo Mwahangondunge82041810114 Male WAITING LIST 16 Nghitauka Benn Ndangi 92083001028 Male NOSURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER 17 Nuudjomba Mateus Helao 96051800298 Male 1 Aipinge Bonifatius Ndeshipanda 09/09/1997 Male 18 Sem Julius Deminyawu 98062600319 Male 2 Ashipala Jonas Immanuel 92100801082 Male 19 Shililifa Rauna 94101600228 Female 3 Hafeni Simson Nghishiinawa 97101500307 Male 20 Shiluwa Absalom Ileni 95072300978 Male 4 Hidengwa Timotheus 94050200120 Male WAITING LIST 5 Johannes Johannes Shilamba 90082701008 Male NO SURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER 6 Kaulandwa Lazarus Hatupopi 97082900554 Male 1 Amadhila Konstantinus Kalitheni 96012800557 Male 7 Shivute Paulus Tuhafeni 96061300689 Male 2 Hendjala Sakeus 93051400335 Male 8 Nghishoono Tomas Tileinge 91051101271 Male 3 Itana Frieda Ndeapo 94081601291 Male 9 Shikololo Erastus Nghidengwavali 94110400252 Male 4 Mafulu Lylie Pohapo 96082900898 Female 10 Tweumuna Jeves Inayamukweni 94090501059 Male 5 Nangombe Paulus Ndengu Kasholo 97080200447 Male OFFICE ADMINISTRATION LEVEL 2 6 Paavo Hilma Ndinelago 95081300039 Female NOSURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER 7 Shaumbwa Monika Tuutileni 94071200642 Female 1 Israel Aina Magano Ndeshipewa 93103001126 Female 8 Shigwedha Hendrik Ndeshipewa 96060700454 Male 2 Shikwambi Lina 94092500580 Female 9 Shimweefeleni Simon 86120700641 Male OFFICE ADMINISTRATION LEVEL 3 10 Stefanus Ndamononghenda Vatyanayi 98091600852 Female NOSURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER 1 Paulus Mekeliwa 92031600958 Female WELDING AND METAL FABRICATION LEVEL 3 JOINERY AND CABINET MAKING LEVEL 2 NO SURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER NOSURNAME NAME ID NUMBER GENDER 1 Johannes Tobias Andima 85121610084 Male 1 Shingo Linus Tuhafeni 94120700518 Male

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