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New Era Newspaper Wednesday October 02 2013

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New Era Newspaper Wednesday October 02

Friday, July 15 2011 1 NEWSPAPER FOR A NEW NAMIBIA NEW ERA NEWSPAPER FOR A NEW NAMIBIA N$ 3.00 (incl VAT) A N N I V E R S A R Y Newspaper for a New Namibia Product Vol. 16 of No. New Era 226 Publication Corporation Windhoek, Namibia Friday, July 15 2011 Vol. 19 No. 044 Windhoek, Namibia Wednesday, October 02 2013 Haufiku never ‘Shape up or Bester can’t Inside Today wait for Spurs Sand mining offers resigned ship from RDP out’ News... Page 4 Page 5 Page 32 President lifeline to hospitalised many …as Rundu expands rapidly By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK - President Hifikepunye Pohamba was on Monday admitted to a local private hospital for an unconfirmed illness. Prime Minister Nahas Angula confirmed yesterday that the President was hospitalised, but the Prime Minister maintained it was for an “annual routine medical checkup”. News of the President’s alleged ill health spread like wildfire on Wednesday night, with unconfirmed reports claiming that the Head of State was gravely ill. But Premier Angula said he was informed that the President was in hospital for his regular medical examination. “He went for his annual checkup. I am not aware that he has suffered from stroke, only medical people can confirm that,” said the Prime Minister, responding to a question on whether the President Maria had suffered Manjoro a stroke. selling ‘oshikundu’ to one of the sand Angula, who visited the First miners during a lunch break. N.00 (incl VAT) • SSC increases wage ceiling to benefit more workers • Two charged with theft from court Finance... • Engen commits big time to rural schools • 100% finance for first time home buyers Photos: Mathias Haufiku Citizen at a local private hospital on Wednesday, By Mathias Haufiku said President making undertaking among sand for ongoing construction sand ad earn a decent living that digging sand is not good Pohamba was scheduled to be discharged yesterday. - Rundu residents Groups unemployed An Ordinance residents. Clearance projects. Team Contractors of the Namibian prefer to Police than on get Tuesday involved detected in criminal a TMA-3 for the anti-tank environment, landmine but we of former Yugoslavian origin RUNDU “I don’t know if he finally got at consisting Otunganga of village over buy in Ohangwena sand from the and unlicensed detonated activities. it on Wednesday. Sand mining This has was do one not of have the a type choice, of we mines must used by the Swapo military are taking full advantage 200 men discharged but he was expected wing, wake PLAN, up early during each the sand war miners, of liberation because in their Namibia. been Squatting growing steadily is the head over of the make team, a living Chief and Inspector at the same Mathias Neshunga, pointing of the recent infrastructure morning to dig up heaps prices are much lower than the past two years, and the time feed our children,” said to come out today (yesterday),” at some of the ammunition and other war materials that his team also detected in its operation. Photo: Nampa boom Angula and told capital New Era. projects of sand, which they sell to the prevailing market rates. miners know that the demand Hosea Musongo (32), who is in the construction sector clients, mostly brick manufacturers Most of the sand miners who will always be there as long one of the many young men as NWR sand mining continues in to the and building red contractors, who require quality said they would rather dig for velop and grow. “We know tive spoke to New Era yesterday as the town continues to de- who have taken to this lucra- be the most sought money Simon’s claim Opposition activity. sand page 2 grows By Toivo Ndjebela WINDHOEK Text – The Namibia messaging Wildlife Resorts (NWR) is brings flattens Rundu MVAacts on to illegal MTC towers Sport... battling to meet its financial obligations after its liabilities By Desie Heita skyrocketed to N02 million May this year. By Desie Heita of the financial woes of the Financials at the company show that the NWR liabilities MVA. WINDHOEK - Renewed international debate on mobile stood at some N million, but linguistic board chairperson Jackie Asheeke disputed this, saying there has been “under-reporting” of some road accident in which prises 30 percent of By current Mathias class Haufiku suburb residents who oppose the erection of a mobile ruin land grabbing WINDHOEK – The grue- That claim alone com- phones and cancer has given strength to Windhoek’s upper the real financial situation at the hospitality parastaral. several Belgian nationals outstanding claims that telecommunication tower in their residential area to continue What remains true though is that the NWR is swimming in lost their lives and for which the RUNDU MVA - The has to Rundu pay Town out to Council to resist considering its erection demarcating near their homes. a pool of debts, …erodes such that the company is literacy struggling to meet former skills Namibian world victims all unoccupied who sued residential the fund plots in the This town has in irritated an effort the to stop country’s largest mobile network its immediate financial obligations. champion boxer Harry Simon become was so jailed, common continues that based residents on from the old occupying compensation This system. follows a recommendation munication to the town towers council in a the week country. vacant land operator, illegally. MTC, which says it is not the only one with com- To By arrest Albertina the deteriorating Nakale situation, in promotional the company’s subjects board such has of directors decided to draw money, as formal believed English. to be N mil- it to has haunt even the started Motor to Vehicle surface Accident in the marking (MVA) Fund of tests and ago, by local authority councillor Reginald Residents Ndara at who Bowker says there Hill, Windhoek, have now added the WINDHOEK - The lan- About 90 percent of Na- NWR page 2 and is one examination of the main papers causes is in MVA a need page to demarcate 2 vacant plots, MTC because page land 2 grabbing and guage used in short text messaging is impacting negatively on the writing and literacy skills of countless Namibian learners, a disconcerting development that has far reaching implications for learners, who are required to write and ultimately pass crucial tests mibian learners own or have access to a cellphone which they often use to communicate with each other using a hybrid language consisting of letters, numbers and symbols, including slang because of the need to be succinct, as well as the cost of making calls. The trend Kativa Lusati (52) extracting sand at a mining site. schools. In a telephonic interview with the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Alfred Ilukena yesterday he confirmed the existence of the phenomenon, which is brought on by cellphone texting. text page 2 illegal occupation of plots in the town is getting out of control and a keen topic of discussion among residents. “We must start marking and putting up signboards on the unoccupied plots so that we can prohibit people from grabbing land. Those who have done so should be given notices so that they can vacate those plots,” said the councillor. According to him it is high time that the council starts to take action against those occupying land illegally within the town’s boundaries. Ndara believes that demarcating the vacant plots would deter potential land-grabbers from illegally occupying land belonging to the town council. Rundu page 2 Youth Supplement Inside BizzKids ten finalists announced Tel.: 061-273300; Fax: 061-220 584; Private Bag 13364, Windhoek E-mail:; Website: - find us on facebook! • Frank Fredericks bombshell • Dazzling duo finally rewarded

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