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New Era Newspaper Wednesday October 25, 2017

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18 WORLD Wednesday, October 25 2017 | NEW ERA ORANJEMUND TOWN COUNCIL PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT UNIT INVITATION FOR OPEN NATIONAL BIDDING Construction of Electrical Services for Extension 10, Phase 1 PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NO: W/ONB/ORTC-02/2017 1. Bids are invited through Open National Bidding (ONB) procedures from registered, reputable and experienced Electrical Engineering Contractors for the construction of services to the Oranjemund Town Council 2. Bid documents are available for collection as from 08h30 on Tuesday, Town Council, Corner of 8th Avenue and 12th Street, Oranjemund, Namibia. purchased by interested bidders from the Oranjemund Town Council upon payment of a non refundable fee of N$ 1,000.00 by cash or Electronic Funds Tranfer (EFT). be held for prospective contractors on Wednesday, 01 November 2017 @ 12h00, meeting at the Oranjemund Town Council boadroom, Oranjemund. Oranjemund Town Council Conselect Engineering (Consulting Engineers & Project Managers) W/ONB/ORTC-02/2017- Construction of Electrical Services for Extension 10, Phase 1 and delivered to the address below on or before 14h30 pm local time on Friday, 24th November 2017. All bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security. Address for submitting bidding documents Procurement Management Unit, Oranjemund Town Council Contact person: Mrs. Varonique Forbes Tel: +26463 233 500; Email: PARIS M women and a sixth of to a study published Tuesday. That is only somewhat higher - mean that the number of older people - with and without dis- - well as future households tending to elderly family members unable to perform simply tasks the authors warned. long-term limitations within Centre of the International Institute for Applied Systems - underestimated the proportion - - reported at least one long-term health problem. In the Neth- Nampa/AFP red REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA MINISTRY OF LABOUR, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND EMPLOYMENT CREATION BID INVITATION BIDDERS ARE HEREBY INVITED TO BID FOR THE FOLLOWING SERVICES: 1. Provision of Security services to the Ministry. 1.1 Bid Number: NCS/ONB/14-01/2017 Erongo Regional Electricity Distributor (PTY) Ltd, commonly known as Erongo RED is mandated to distribute and supply electricity in Erongo region. We are proud to announce encouraged to apply. Position: Business Unit: Paterson Grade: Duty Station: VACANCIES Electrician Assistant x5 B4 x1x2 Swakopmund x1 Henties Bay, x1 1.2 Bid Number: NCS/ONB/14-02/2017 Position: Business Unit: Customer Service Assistant Supply Business 1.3 Bid Number: NCS/ONB/14-03/2017 Paterson Grade: Duty Station: B3 Swakopmund 1.4 Bid Number: NCS/ONB/14-04/2017 Position: Cashier x2 1.5 Bid Number: NCS/ONB/14-05/2017 2. Leasing of photocopy machine 2.1 Bid Number: G/ONB/14-06/2017 Bidding documents: Levy:Non - Refundable N0.00 Section: (Cash Payment Only) Business Unit: Paterson Grade: Duty Station: Position: Business Unit: Paterson Grade: Duty Station: Supply Business B3 x1 Swakopmund, x1 Karibib Meter Reader x2 Supply Business x1x1 Karibib Delivery Address: Contract Persons: VILBARD USIKU ACTING PERMANENT SECRETARY Closing Date: TEL +264 64 214600 FAX +264 64 214601 ERONGO RED BUILDING 91 HAGE GEINGOB STREET PO BOX 2925 WALVIS BAY NAMIBIA

Wednesday, October 25 | NEW ERA ADVERT 19 Fund THE MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT FUND OF NAMIBIA PASSION, EXCELLENCE, TEAMWORK AND INTEGRITY AT WORK! MVA Fund Chief Executive Officer Rosalia Martins-Hausiku MVA Fund – driven to provide assistance and benefits to persons injured in motor vehicle crashes in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund Act 10 of 2007. The Fund provides benefits through the administration of claims in the form of a cash grant for pain and suffering, loss of income benefit in the event that persons injured are prevented by their injuries to return to work, funeral grant in the event of death, loss of support to the dependents of a person killed in a road crash and medical benefit for holistic medical management, including the coordination of medical treatment and rehabilitation. Annually, the Fund expends N7 million in respect of medical expenses averaging to N million per month and representing 35% of total revenue. The Fund provides value to its customers through public education to prevent injuries and by creating service treatment and financial support lessening the effects of motor vehicle crashes. ROAD SAFETY: and participation in road safety and injury prevention interventions aimed at reducing the carnage on our roads. Opotuli, undertaking of Khomas Pedestrian Road Safety Audit and the implementation of related recommendations, #StandSober, as well as Festive Season Road Safety Year 2014 2015 2016 Crashes 4127 4309 4134 Injuries 7065 7527 6795 Fatalities 685 718 731 Fatalities average 711 per annum Young Designers Advertising EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESCUE SERVICES: in alignment to Pillar 5 of Decade of Action for Road Safety (DOA) and in support of Government’s efforts to improve access to health care. bursaries toward paramedic studies at NUST, specialized medical studies such as neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery, and orphans who lost their parents/guardians in a motor vehicle crashes. coordinate emergency medical response services, responding to motor vehicle accidents countrywide. emergencies to decrease the national mortality rate. and staffed to provide care for persons injured seriously in motor vehicle crashes. REHABILITATION: established through collaborative commitment between the MVA Fund, “The MVA Fund is committed toward continued initiation and participation in road safety and injury prevention interventions aimed at reducing the carnage on our roads” Therapy and Physiotherapy Department at the University of Namibia. RETURN TO WORK: in a road crash back to school, work and/or independence. More customers are generally returned to community (62%) than those returned to school (8%) and work (30%) after a road crash. This trend is directly proportional to the higher number of unemployed people who were involved in road HOUSE MODIFICATION: room for more independence for persons using wheelchairs. The overall aim of house modification is to enhance life for the injured, which in turn creates social and community upliftment in the spirit of national social progression. IN CASE OF A ROAD CRASH CALL: Fund Accident Response Number Get in touch on

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