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New Era Newspaper Wednesday October 25, 2017

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6 NEWS Wednesday, October 25 2017 | NEW ERA Baha’i faith celebrates bicentenary of founder Steven Klukowski Windhoek Last weekend in Windhoek the Baha’i faith of Namibia celebrated the bicentenary of the birth of it’s founder, Baha’u’llah. Responding on how the Baha’i faith views issues related to teenage pregnancies and corruption in Namibia, Samander Belete, member of the National Spiritual Assembly explained that such challenges are addressed by means of implementing programmes aimed at the development of community life. “Teenagers (11-15 years) are taught during youth junior classes how to dedicate their lives to the good service of humanity, thus through meaningful conversations take away evil thoughts of teenage pregnancies, corruption, hatred amongst others in order to make this world a better place,” Belete said. In addition, provision is made for children and adults to participate in these programmes. Belete said: “Children’s classes concentrate more on teaching them virtues, such as kindness, Elected members of the Baha’i National Spiritual Assembly are from left, standing Johannes Kaunda, Nelago Thomas, Billy Mokjara, Samander Belete (treasurer) and Dr Mercy Mkandawire. Seated are Sophia Tekie (chairperson), Rosemarie Stevenson (secretary), Petrus Mashika and Christina Mokgara. Photo: Contributed honesty and generosity, whilst adults study Baha’i writings and are also capacitated to facilitate children’s classes and junior youth groups.” Mayor of Windhoek Muesee Kazapua when delivering the proclamation, urged Namibians to endeavour to foster recognition of the oneness of humanity, embrace diversity and establish unity in their community, country and the world. During his keynote address, National Assembly Professor Peter Katjavivi said although the adherents of the Christian religion are the majority in Namibia, including various denominations, the Namibian Constitution upholds freedom of worship, as Namibia believes that diversity promotes strength. He furthernoted that with the attainment of Independence it was consider “absolutely vital” to put emphasis on the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms. In conclusion, Katjavivi said the Baha’I faith has become more prominent in independent Namibia and that Namibians freely follow this religion throughout the country. He said it was with pride that he considers himself a friend of the Baha’i faith in Namibia. The Baha’i faith was established in Namibia in 1953 and today has followers all the country. It is administered locally on a yearly base by a nine-member National Spiritual Assembly selected by means of secret vote. It does not have an ordained clergy (priest, pastor, evangelist) and does not accept funds or donations from non-Baha’i’, since donating to such fund is a privilege and not just a duty, avoiding possible unforeseen dif- non-believers. Members of other religious denominations are always free though to participate in programmes aimed at the development of harmonious community life. Two die in crash along Otjiwarongo- Kalkfeld road OTJIWARONGO Two people died instantly when they drove into two horses and then collided with an oncoming vehicle on the Otjiwarongo- Kalkfeld road Monday evening. The accident victims were traveling in a sedan from the direction of Otjiwarongo towards Kalkfeld when they drove into the horses standing in the road. They then hit a pick-up truck coming from the opposite direction. Otjozondjupa police spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Naukalemo Andreas told Nampa on Tuesday the accident occurred some 4 kilometres north of Kalkfeld at around 21h00. There were six people in the sedan and two in the pick-up. Both horses died. “The deceased are yet to be were taken to the Otjiwarongo State Hospital with slight to serious injuries. Police investigations in the matter continue. – Nampa O n 16 October 2017, the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Namibia (ICAN) launched an Integrated Accreditation Manual, a product that has been made possible by the collaboration between the two agencies within a framework of a memorandum of understanding. In June 2017, the NCHE and ICAN entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to, among others, implement joint academic programme accreditation. The Integrated Accreditation Manual presents consolidated accreditation criteria that integrate the National Quality Assurance System for Higher Education in Namibia and ICAN Accreditation Manual with an aim to provide guidance on how to implement joint academic programme accreditation. The Integrated Accreditation Manual has been benchmarked against the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) criteria taking into account Namibian legislative requirements. In this Manual, the integrated accreditation criteria are sub-divided into institutional, internal quality assurance and academic criteria. The accreditation criteria are designed to assist educational providers to identify their existing quality ADVERTORIAL NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (NCHE) AND INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS OF NAMIBIA (ICAN) LAUNCHED AN INTEGRATED ACCREDITATION MANUAL policies/processes and benchmark them against international and local criteria. It builds capacity to formalise these processes, identify weaknesses/ gaps and rectify these to develop a comprehensive functioning Quality Assurance Management System for each accredited education programme offered by the Higher Education Institution. These accreditation criteria are applicable to all academic programmes offered either on fulltime or distance learning by public or private Higher Education Institutions. Meanwhile, Mr Mocks Shivute, the Executive Director of the NCHE Secretariat, speaking at the launch of the Integrated Accreditation Manual said the aim of programme accreditation and institutional audits is to contribute towards safeguarding the quality of academic programmes offered at Higher Education Institutions in order to facilitate employability of graduates, mobility and easy articulation among HEIs both locally and internationally. “Through this launch, we convey our resolve to promote excellence and production of quality Accountants for Namibia, Southern Africa Region and beyond”, Shivute noted. He further invited all professional bodies that operate in higher education landscape in Namibia common grounds in “our” systems for rationalisation, harmonisation and possible joint implementation of respective accreditation processes. Also speaking at the launch, Mr Koos du Toit, of ICAN, said that the Integrated Accreditation Manual breaks new ground in higher education quality assurance and accreditation. “It is real evidence of the power of pursuing common interests rather than standing on our separate identities” he emphasised. Mr Du Toit added that this collaboration has created new intellectual property that will bring returns for the NCHE, ICAN and also those Higher Education Institutions which are subject to accreditation reviews. In addition, he said, ICAN hopes that the Manual can be a model framework for other professional bodies to partner with NCHE in pursuing quality education for other professions. Among those who attended the launch of the Manual was a group of subjects and quality assurance experts from South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Namibia who are reviewing the Bachelor of Accounting (Chartered Stream) at the University of Namibia, using the just launched Integrated Accreditation Manual. The mandate and approach of the NCHE to quality assurance is laid out in the National Quality Assurance System for Higher Education in Namibia. The System stipulates that NCHE will perform its accreditation duties with due recognition of the responsibilities of other stakeholders. For professional programmes, the requirements of other statutory bodies, regulating such professions must also be met before programme can be offered. ICAN is a professional accounting body established by the Public Accounts and Auditors Act, Act 51 of 1951 as amended in 1994. ICAN’s functions are among others, to cooperate with education institutions which provide education and training to persons wishing to qualify as Chartered Accountants and to prescribe the education and training assessment requirements to be obtained, as well as prescribe the degrees, persons wishing to become Chartered Accountants. Left: Mr Mocks Shivute, Executive Director, NCHE Secretariat, Middle: Retired Professor Michael Wormald, review panelists. Messrs. Koos du Toit, ICAN CEO and Mocks Shivute, NCHE Secretariat Executive Director launching the Integrated Accreditation Manual.

Wednesday, October 25 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 7 NDP to engage traditional leaders on land Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo Nation Democratic Party (NDP) leader Martin Lukato says his party will consult traditional leaders and other stakeholders in the Zambezi Region on how land could be distributed in the region. Lukato made the remarks last Thursday during the launch of his party’s Land Reform Policy Paper in Katima Mulilo. He is of the opinion “the current Land Act of 1992 should be amended and abolished in order to more empower our respected traditional leaders.” Lukato believes that empowering traditional leaders to regulate land matters without interference from the government would bring an end to land disputes. He says traditional leaders are well respected by their subjects, which will make land distribution easier. “All the registration of Mother loses baby in delivery ward, nurses ‘refuse to help’ WINDHOEK A 38-year-old woman on Friday lost her baby in the Maternity Ward of the Engela State Hospital in the Ohangwena Region after the nurses on duty allegedly ignored her call for help. Peelina Nghikumwa from Onanghwe yaNghikumwa village in Oshikango Constituency was admitted to the hospital to deliver her baby. But she told Nampa on Monday that nurses refused to help her deliver, and were instead badmouthing her by calling her a “scary cat” who was just making a noise while it was not yet time for her to give birth. According to Nghikumwa, the baby fell to the ground and died instantly, as she delivered without the assistance of nurses who were nearby. Nghikumwa remained admitted to the hospital as of Monday afternoon for reasons not known to her. She blames the nurses for the death of her newborn baby girl, saying they acted negligently. Approached for comment, the director of health and social services in the region, John Hango, declined to comment on the matter and referred this agency to the public Libita Manga of the ministry’s public relations of- incident and rather referred Nampa back to Hango. “Received, and forwarded to the Director of Ohangwena,” Manga replied to the email sent to her earlier on Monday asking her to give the ministry’s side of the story. Hango could not immediately reply to the message left in his mailbox and his mobile phone went unanswered. - Nampa Hanging in… NDP president Martin Lukato and his right-hand man Jorome Tuwelo land and all land matters should be invested in the traditional authorities, the NOTICE Stubenrauch Planning Consultants cc were appointed by Americo Antonio Dos Santos, the registered owner of Erf RE/822, No.1, Otto Nitzsche Street, Klein Windhoek, to apply on his behalf to the City of Windhoek and Namibia Planning Advisory Board (NAMPAB) for the following: Erf RE/822, No.1, is located at the corner of Otto Nitzsche and Koch Street in the neighbourhood of Klein Windhoek and measures ± 1013.00 m 2 in extent. According to the Windhoek Town Planning Amendment Scheme, Erf RE/822, Klein Windhoek, is zoned for “Residential” purposes with a density of 1:900. It is the intension of our client to rezone Erf RE/822, Klein Windhoek from “Residential” with a density of 1:900 to 2 . According to the City of Windhoek Town Planning Amendment Scheme, an “” refers to Erf RE/822, Klein Windhoek lies within the City of Windhoek’s In terms of Section 23 (1) of the Windhoek Town Planning Amendment Scheme, one can apply to the City of Windhoek residential purposes. It is thus our client’s intention to obtain approval from the City of Windhoek for an additional free residential bulk on Erf RE/822, Klein Windhoek to be used for dwelling units. This consent use will allow our client to accordance to the City of Windhoek Town Planning Scheme. As the property falls within the City of Windhoek Klein rezoning is in process. Further take notice that the locality map of the erf lies for notice board at the Customer Care Centre of the City of Further take notice that any person objecting to the proposed change in land use as set out above may lodge such objection together with the grounds thereof, with the City of Windhoek and with the applicant in writing before Applicant: Stubenrauch Planning Consultants Windhoek Our Ref.: W/17087 traditional leaders and their subjects, as their own land,” he stated. Lukato condemned the demolishing earlier this month by the Katima Mulilo Town Council of illegal structures constructed within town land – which precipitated a He says residents sacri- plots in town. “The harsh and cruel action taken by the Katima Mulilo Town Council is the mental fiscal torture, maltreatment, damage to properties, disrespect to the residents … and violation of both regional, national and international fundamental human rights,” he said. He further demanded that the Katima Mulilo Town Council “start engaging all beneficiaries, those who lost their properties … to be listed and compensate them without delaying to heal the pain and the damage they have suffered in the hands of the Babylon regime.” Lukato called on government “through the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development to urgently allocate a budget for the establishment of the resettlement centres to accommodate those residents” whose shacks and houses were bulldozed by the town council. HELAO NAFIDI TOWN COUNCIL BIDDERS ARE HEREBY INVITED TO APPLY FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF ELECTRICAL SERVICES IN ENGELA-OMAFO EXTENSION 1 & 2 IN HELAO NAFIDI TOWN. PROCUREMENT REFERENCE NUMBER : W/ONB/HNTC-12/2017 DESCRIPTION : Construction for Electrical Services in CLOSING DATE DOCUMENTS COMPULSORY : BRIEFING LEVY ENQUIRIES DELIVERY ADDRESS ATTENTION Drunk cop threatens Sibbinda resident Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo Members of the Sibbinda policing community have voiced their concern after a member of the Namibian with a resident over the weekend after a drinking spree. It is understood that an argument arose when a member of the public greeted the policeman at a bar in Sibbinda area late on Saturday afternoon. The policeman, whose name was given to New Era, reportedly did not receive the greeting well and started attacking the person who had greeted him. Another member of the public then intervened and advised the man never to greet the policeman again.It was then that and threatened to shoot the intervener for getting involved in matters which do not concern him. “It is very allowed to roam the streets with work guns when they are not on duty,” said a community policing member reprisals.The community policing member also said the policeman followed the member of the public around even after he had run away from him, and continued to threaten to shoot him. “We witnessed everything – we ‘I can shoot you right now,’” he said.According to the community policing member the police were called to Sibbinda and the complainant was advised to open a case of assault through threatening. When contacted for comment Deputy Commissioner Evans Simasiku said he was unaware of the incident. PROCUREMENT COMMITTEE BID INVITATION Non - refundable Administrative) HELAO NAFIDI TOWN COUNCIL OR Technical) CONSULTING SERVICES AFRICA The envelop should be clearly marked) OHANGWENA Procurement Committee

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