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New Era Newspaper Wednesday September 25, 2013

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New Era Newspaper Wednesday September 25,

Friday, July 15 2011 1 NEWSPAPER FOR A NEW NAMIBIA NEW ERA NEWSPAPER FOR A NEW NAMIBIA N$ 3.00 (incl VAT) A N N I V E R S A R Y Newspaper for a New Namibia Product Vol. 16 of No. New Era 226 Publication Corporation Windhoek, Namibia Friday, July 15 2011 Vol. 19 No. 039 Windhoek, Namibia Wednesday, September 25 2013 Namibia’s uphill battle to halt HIV epidemic Haufiku never resigned from RDP ‘Shape up or ship out’ Students stranded in N.00 (incl VAT) Bester can’t Inside wait Today for Spurs the Ukraine cry foul Page 4 Page 5 News... Page 32 President hospitalised • Parliament By Alvine Kapitako and John Travolter Matali requests workshop on By Desie Heita WINDHOEK - Eight Namibian Public WINDHOEK – It has not been an easy road for students who were Procedurement Bill Namibia By to Staff achieve Reporter its promised a chance current progress in meeting the global Millennium • Rosh Pinah murder WINDHOEK - President to study in various Hifikepunye Development Goal Pohamba targets fields in the eastern was on HIV. on Monday admitted European country accused loses Besides to a local the global private financial crisis, the coun- hospital – Ukraine, now find counsel try’s health for an budget unconfirmed has to themselves stranded illness. compete with the funding and claim they were of Prime other Minister pressing Nahas priori-Angulties. Moreover, the health confirmed yesterday that the President was hospitalised, but the Prime scammed by the Finance... Minister system itself maintained is weak, it and Ukrainian agency was for an • Biometrics help “annual encumbered routine by medical serious checkup”. skills shortages. tion Centre for Af- stop healthcare for Higher Educa- News Namibia’s of the President’s ranking as alleged A ‘Study in Ukraine’ advertisement near a retailer in Windhoek’s business district. ill health spread like wildfire rican on and Asian Students (UHECAS) Photo: John Travolter Matali an upper-middle income fraud in Namibia Wednesday country, is night, also turning with unconfirmed reports claiming that the did not follow the prescribed the Ukraine. One student they had enrolled are not donors away, forcing the Head of State was gravely ill. that employs Windhoek-based agents. investigation by New Era 000 upfront just for tuition. stitution. One of the students, • EPA's crucial to rules and procedures. An deposited a total of N offered at the particular in- country to increase its But Premier Angula said he was informed funding for that HIV the and President other was in However, yesterday the yesterday found that students are paying as much travelled to the Ukraine last hospital health related Four Namibian students who for his response a 29-year-old female student, regular medical viability of fishing agency’s representatives in examination. programmes. told New Era yesterday they industry “He Compounding went for his the annual problem I is am the not fact aware that that the he has edge of any of their student letters, N 000 for a visa, medicine and general meditry through UHECAS. The checkup. Windhoek, denied knowl- as N 000 for admission week to study veterinary applied to study in that coun- suffered departure from of stroke, international only medical clients being short-changed, N 000 for airfare and cine received a rude awakening when they were notified student said she applied to people can confirm that,” said the while conceding that one of an additional N 000 for Prime HIV page Minister, 2 responding to a UKRAINE page 2 Sport... question on whether the President the students complaining accommodation to study in that the courses for which had suffered a stroke. Serious shortage of medicines in public Angula, who visited the First Citizen at a local private hospital on Wednesday, said President Pohamba was scheduled to be discharged yesterday. An Ordinance Clearance Team of the Namibian Police on Tuesday detected a TMA-3 anti-tank landmine of former Yugoslavian origin hospitals “I don’t know if he finally got at Otunganga village – in Mensah-Williams Ohangwena and detonated it on Wednesday. This was one of the type of mines used by the Swapo military discharged but he was expected wing, PLAN, during the war of liberation in Namibia. Squatting is the head of the team, Chief Inspector Mathias Neshunga, pointing to come out today (yesterday),” at some of the ammunition and other war materials that his team also detected in its operation. Photo: Nampa Angula told New Era. NWR By Tonateni Shidhudhu in yesterday the morning, red when she mentarian contradicts an earlier response by the Ministry the lower house of parlia- district pharmacy. She later backed up her statements in maceutical stock at a certain said many of the country’s WINDHOEK – The Vice public hospitals face a serious of Health and Social Services ment yesterday with a letter allowed Simon’s claim Opposition journalists to peruse grows Chairperson of the National shortage of medicines and rejecting media reports that addressed to the Directors part of the letter. “We tried Council Margaret Mensah- By Toivo Ndjebela other pharmaceuticals. public hospitals had run out of Health and Chief Medical Officers informing them our outmost best to bor- Williams dropped a bombshell in the National Council spoken and activist parliatal items. Mensah-Williams about the status of the phar- MEDICINES page 2 The revelation by the out- of medicines and other vi- WINDHOEK – The Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) is flattens MVA to MTC towers battling to meet its financial obligations after its liabilities By Desie Heita skyrocketed to N2 million in May this year. By Desie Heita of the financial woes of the • Atlantic coast Financials at the company show that the NWR liabilities MVA. WINDHOEK - Renewed international debate on mobile stood at some N million, but board chairperson Jackie Asheeke disputed this, saying there has been “under-reporting” of some road accident in which prises 30 percent of current class suburb residents who oppose the erection of a mobile WINDHOEK – The grue- That claim alone com- phones and cancer has given strength to to host Windhoek’s Leagueupper the real financial situation at the hospitality parastaral. several Belgian nationals Cup action outstanding claims that telecommunication tower in their residential area to continue What remains true though is that the NWR is swimming in lost their lives and for which the MVA has to pay out to to resist its erection near their homes. a pool of debts, such that the company is struggling to meet former Namibian world victims who sued the fund This has irritated the country’s Youth largest Supplement mobile network its immediate financial obligations. champion boxer Harry Simon was jailed, continues tion system. munication towers in the country. Inside based on the old compensa- operator, MTC, which says it is not the only one with com- To arrest the deteriorating situation, the company’s board of directors decided to draw money, believed to be N mil- to haunt the Motor Vehicle Residents at Bowker Hill, Windhoek, have now added the Accident (MVA) Fund and NWR page 2 is one of the main causes MVA page 2 MTC page 2 A list of medicines and other pharmaceuticals that have been listed on the letter as vital items, that are not in stock. Photo: Tonateni Shidhudhu National Council vice chairperson, Margaret Mensah-Williams, showing part of the letter to reporters outside the chamber yesterday. Augustineum awards to

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New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167