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New Era Newspaper Wednesday September 27, 2017

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New Era Newspaper Wednesday September 27,

Vol. 23 No. 289 Windhoek, Namibia Wednesday September 27 2017 Inside Today National youth security budget to decline The security contracts budget for the National Youth Service Security (NYSS) agency is expected to decline to an estimated year 2018/19, and to N.2 million in 2019/20. Page 3 Letshego IPO extension request came from the public - Kali The extended Initial Public Offering (IPO) for Letshego Namibia, which closed at noon yesterday, was granted at the request of the Namibian public who felt the initial subscription period was too short. Page 11 Disability Sport Namibia AGM marred by politics A nasty war of words is brewing ahead of Disability Sport Namibia (DSN)’s planned annual general meeting (AGM) scheduled for September 30, with some of the organization’s affiliates banned from attending the meeting, while others have questioned the legality of the envisaged gathering. Page 24 Murky business… one of the rooms in a rented house in Otjomuise that was turned into a consulting room for the fake healers from Tanzania without the homeowner’s knowledge. Photo: Selma Ikela Land-a-Dollar campaign funds not accounted for Linea Dishena Windhoek The money collected through the muchpublicised ‘Land-a-Dollar’ drum collection campaign has not been accounted for, seven months after the collection drive ended. An investigation by Nampa found that no one was ready to be held accountable for the undisclosed sum of money collected during the campaign’s drum collection project that ran between August 2015 and February 2017. The campaign aimed to raise between N million and N million to contribute towards land servicing in urban areas. More than 300 empty 200-litre drums were placed at various locations in 15 towns to collect money from the public. Former University of Namibia (UNAM) Student Representative Council (SRC) president Vincent Shimutwikeni, who was at the helm of the student body at the time the Land-a-Dollar campaign was launched in August 2015, said in a telephone interview with Nampa on September 9 that he had no details about the money, as the auditing in possession of it having been assigned the responsibility to audit the project’s accounts. Albertina Nakale Windhoek The health clinic at Gibeon is in dire need of additional nursing staff, as it currently has a catchment population of 6,215 people, but only four nurses CAMPAIGN on page 2 to attend to them. The worrying revelation is contained in a report tabled in the National Assembly recently that was compiled by the parliamentary standing committee on information, communication technology and innovation. The committee visited Khomas, //Karas and Hardap regions to assess healthcare facilities and services in those areas. The Members of Parliament on the committee include Faustina Caley (chairperson), Rebecca Nakale-Ipinge (vice chairperson) and two other members Selma Ikela Windhoek The Namibian police have made an impassioned appeal to landlords to properly screen tenants that rent property from them, as some tenants end up using the property for unbecoming activities. The request comes after the police on Monday for the third time after being attacked Staff reporter Windhoek condition after he was stabbed three times on the head and shoulders during working hours while tracking down robbery suspects at the informal settlement of Havana in Windhoek. has since been admitted to the Roman Catholic hospital for emergency treatment. was stolen and both the police vehicle and a private car were damaged. The incident happened on Sunday afternoon along Zambia Street in Havana, members of the City Police. According to a press statement by Nampol spokesperson Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi, six suspects have been arrested and two are still on the run. Shikwambi requested anyone with information regarding the suspects on the run to immediately contact the police. She said when the police located the chased one of them alone. “Subsequently, a group of people caught house, where they attacked and stabbed him three times on the head and shoulders. They also robbed him of his service pistol,’ Shikwambi reported. The pistol has not yet been recovered. Four nurses at Gibeon attend to over 6,000 people of the ICT committee, namely Nora Munsu and Lusia Munjeku Nghaamwa. The report says Gibeon Health Clinic receives about 50 sick patients per day, among other reasons for HIV and ARV, Tuberculosis (TB) treatment, NURSES on page 2 Landlords advised to screen tenants in as many months arrested another foreign national operating as a fake traditional healer from a rented house in Otjomuise. Two other tenants suspected of being complicit in the business were not present during the arrest. The Tanzanians in question are suspected of defrauding a 27-year-old woman who wanted to on her, TENANTS on page 2 New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper appclassifieds/discover

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New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167