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Vol. 22 No. 104 Windhoek, Namibia Friday, December 16 2016 Inside Today South Sudan looks to Namibia It is exactly five years since Namibia recognized the selfdetermination of the Republic of South Sudan, a decision that has now opened doors in areas of livestock, tourism, drought, education, oil and infrastructural development. Page 3 China to extend tax cut for small-engine vehicles to 2017 - Finance Ministry China’s Ministry of Finance said on Thursday it will extend a tax cut on small-engine vehicles to 2017, keeping the purchase tax below its normal 10 percent. Page 21 The Year 2016 In Review: The highs and lows of Namibian sport As the curtains to the year 2016 come down, New Era Sport would like to take you our esteemed reader down memory lane as we reflect on the high and low moments in the local sport fraternity during the year under review. Page 60 Geingob should've been bold enough - Swartbooi Elvis Muraranganda Windhoek Former land reform deputy minister Bernadus Swartbooi, sacked yesterday and replaced by Priscilla Boois, said President Hage Geingob should have exercised constitutional powers to remove him instead of claiming he (Swartbooi) has verbally resigned from his position. In a letter late yesterday, Swartbooi took a swipe at Presidential Affairs Minister Frans Kapofi and presidential spokesperson Albertus Aochamub, accusing the pair of spreading falsehoods about the true nature of him leaving the ministerial job. GRN vehicle seized with poached buffalo Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo Seven suspected poachers were caught red-handed transporting carcasses of three buffalo late on Wednesday afternoon with a government pick-up vehicle with registration number GRN 7582. BUFFALO on page 2 Outgoing… Former deputy minister of land reform Bernadus Swartbooi. New transformation strategy for SOEs Kuzeeko Tjitemisa Windhoek The Ministry of Public Enterprises will next year launch what it calls the Public Enterprise Transformation Project that will run over a number of years. This was announced by Minister of Public Enterprises Leon Jooste at a press conference in the capital yesterday, where he said the project will be the embodiment of the ministry’s aim to transform public enterprises into highly efficient entities providing products and services in the best interest of the country’s people. “We have already formulated the draft roadmap for this project defining certain key initiatives,” he said. He said the transformation will focus on policy-making, enhancement of the effectiveness of boards, strengthening of shareholders’ oversight, the implementation of the Public Enterprises Monitoring and Evaluation System (PEMES), improving the MPE system and processes and capacity building of the MPE, among others. Jooste said the launch of the Public Enterprise Transformation Project will take place on a suitable date next year. “We embrace the economic realities facing us and we believe that it is our collective responsibilities to counter these challenges together with the efforts of the Ministry of Finance,” he said. SOEs on page 2 Yesterday Aochamub issued a statement in which he announced that Geingob has accepted Swartbooi’s ‘verbal resignation’, purportedly issued on Tuesday when the deputy minister met with the President at State House. Swartbooi was summoned to State House where President Geingob explained to him why he should apologise for remarks he made recently in the South, where he said, amongst others, that he reports to Geingob and not Utoni Nujoma, his senior minister at lands. The deputy minister has dug in for more than a week, refusing both to resign or issue an apology. BOOIS on page 2 Minister of Public Enterprises Leon Jooste We are closing for the festive season From the 19th December 2016 until the 3rd January 2017 Wishing all our clients a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2017 New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper • •

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