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Vol. 22 No. 117 Windhoek, Namibia Friday, January 20 2017 Inside Today ‘Neither Pohamba nor Geingob to blame for financial crunch’ Bank of Namibia Governor Ipumbu Shiimi spoke to Toivo Ndjebela about various issues related to the country’s economy, including the origins of government debt, which is currently above the set benchmarks. Page 9 What does 2017 hold in store for global economies? The year 2017 is likely to be challenging for countries whose earnings are mainly dependent on mining output and the trade in commodities. Page 19 Contractually, I can’t reveal boxers earnings – Tobias With most boxing promotions around world now into the trend of aggressively marketing their fights by publicly disclosing the potential outreach of the fight and the magnitude of the money involved - including the actual figures that each boxer stands to earn from the fight - Namibia’s award-winning promoter Nestor Tobias still refuses to follow suit. Page 36 South African in court over N million Photo: Roland Routh Windhoek A South African citizen that worked for Pennypinchers Timbercity in Windhoek and Ongwediva made his first appearance in the Windhoek High Court yesterday on 218 charges of fraud, alternatively theft. It is alleged Peter Tyran Kohler, 45, defrauded the companies out of N.8 million during the period October 9, 2009 to July 9, 2015 by unlawfully and On guard… A farmer ploughs his field in Zambezi Region where farmers are on alert for the African maize stalk borer that ruins maize fields. Photo: Aron Mushaukwa Zambezi on African stalk borer alert Aron Mushaukwa Katima Mulilo Farmers in Zambezi Region have been put on alert after complaints were lodged concerning African maize stalk borers that thrive in fraudulently transferring the money via the FNB online banking system to either his personal bank accounts or those of his creditors. Kohler was employed by the Gunnar Jensen Building Materials Trust, trading as Pennypinchers Timbercity Windhoek, during the period March 23, 2009 to February 7, 2013 as the store accountant, and by the Chris Eloff Building Materials Trust, trading as Ongwediva Pennypinchers Timbercity, as the store manager from March 8, 2013 to September 10, humid conditions. Farmers have complained about several incidents of some crop fields being invaded by stalk borers that have attacked their crops at an early stage of growth. Damage is caused when these worms in their caterpillar stage initially first feed on young leaves and eventually enter into the maize stems. During the early stage of crop growth, the caterpillars may kill the growing points of the plant, causing what is known as dead heart where the youngest leaves can easily be pulled off. Peter Tyran Kohler with his lawyer Mese Tjituri 2015 and again as store accountant in Windhoek until September 30, 2015. During his employ at the companies he allegedly made 218 unlawful transfers of money out of the companies’ bank accounts while he was responsible for the supervision of all accounting, financial, human resource, administrative and relevant compliance duties relating to Pennypinchers Timbercity. It is further charged the financial responsibilities of Kohler included the capturing and authorisation of ZAMBEZI on page 2 Roland Routh bona fide company expenses either via cheque, cash or in most cases electronic fund transfers. In the first 61 charges it is alleged Kohler on various dates unlawfully, falsely and with intent to defraud, gave out and pretended to the lawful representatives of Pennypinchers Timbercity Windhoek that amounts totalling N3 764.71 were due to creditors of the company and thereby caused the company the actual loss of the money. Many Namcol learners failed to sit for exams Albertina Nakale Windhoek The Namibian College of Open Learning (Namcol) director Heroldt Murangi has disclosed that a total of 9 356 subject entries were not written in the Grade 12 national examinations last year. The director, who yesterday analysed the part-time candidates’ national results for Grade 10 and 12, said the situation of learners not sitting for their exams has also been observed for the Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC). NAMCOL on page 2 COURT on page 2 Namcol director Heroldt Murangi Lost Only The INside OUTside? grass covering Namibia, is much the Step OUTside? fit INside greener for Namibia. a fit Cover king. INside for the a INside Namibia. king. too. Lost Namibia’s OUTside? INside Step scoop, INside fit for Namibia. a king. Speak to to Namibians in Namibia in Namibia SMS ‘king’ to 44 000 Standard SMS rates apply Licence no. Licence 16/ST/31 no. 16/ST/31 | Terms | Terms and conditions and apply New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper • •

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