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6 NEWS Thursday, April

6 NEWS Thursday, April 20 2017 | NEW ERA Labour ministry to protect low-wage workers WINDHOEK About 64 911 jobseekers have been registered with the Namibia Integrated Employment Information System under the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation (MLIREC) since 2013. Minister Erkki Nghimtina revealed this in the National Assembly (NA) on Thursday during the motivation of his ministry’s budget allocation for the 2017/18 financial year. The MLIREC was allocated an amount of N.dollars 143877000 from the N.dollars 62.5 billion National Budget for the 2017/18 financial year. Of the total jobseekers registered since 2003, only 1 233 have received employment so far. “The ministry will place emphasis on protecting low-wage and informal workers, including expanding social protection, addressing income inequality and gender equity, Man dies after brick wall collapses on him OTJIWARONGO A 25-year-old man died at Grootfontein State Hospital Tuesday afternoon after a concrete wall fell on him at the scrapyard in that town. The man has been identified as Jackson Unondjara. Sergeant Martha Andjamba, the Otjozondjupa regional community liaison officer of the police, told Nampa on Wednesday that the strengthening health and safety at work,” he stated. This, he said, would be done to effect a wage order that improves the minimum wages and minimum conditions of employment of domestic workers. He indicated that 2 768 cases of labour disputes were recorded by the ministry last year, however, only 1 682 were settled at conciliation; while 261 were arbitrated. A total of 70 cases were resolved through collective bargaining. A total of 2 851 people were retrenched by 322 companies during the 2016/17 financial year, Nghimtina revealed. The ministry will table the Employment Creation Commission Bill in the NA later this year, aimed at coordinating employment creation, analysing pertinent labour market developments and monitoring employment creation. – Nampa man’s close relatives have been informed of his death. Andjamba said Unondjara had gone to the scrapyard that same day to collect empty bottles and preliminary investigations indicate that after loading the bottles onto a truck, Unondjara directed the truck driver to reverse out of the building. “As the truck was reversing, it accidentally bumped a wall while Unondjara stood behind it.” Part of the wall fell on him, causing him to sustain head injuries. Unondjara was then taken to hospital, where he died on arrival at about 15h00 on Tuesday. The police have opened a case of a reckless and/or negligent driving against the driver. Police investigations continue. – Nampa Photo: Nampa Looking for work... A group of jobseekers wait outside a local rail company to apply for jobs in this 2015 file photo. Pohamba implores private sector to grant internships Albertina Nakale Windhoek Former president Hifikepunye Pohamba has called on the private sector to provide more internship opportunities and jobs to new graduates and said it is unreasonable to expect new graduates to have four or six years of work experience. Pohamba made the remarks at the University of Namibia (Unam) last week Thursday, where about 3,150 students graduated in various fields of study. This year’s graduation recorded the highest number of graduates in one year since the inception of the university. Pohamba, the chancellor of Unam, said experimental training at work is very important for students studying at local tertiary institutions to complement their education and training. This, he says, is only possible if both public and private sector institutions open their doors for student internships and practical or industrial training. “That is why I fully support work-integrated experiential training, which I believe would help our graduates to gain experience in their relevant fields,” he noted. Further, he cautioned that students should not leave university thinking there are ready-made jobs out there. Instead, he said, they should go out with skills to create jobs for themselves and others, and above all, to provide leadership. “Namibia needs your leadership. Namibia needs your knowledge and skills. Use them to harness and exploit the resources that our country is endowed with. Use them to add value, so as to contribute to the industrialisation of our country with the national Vision 2030 in mind,” he urged. He commended Unam for establishing eight faculties, seven schools and seven academic centres dispersed throughout its 12 campuses countrywide. Among the graduates is the second group of more than 50 medical doctors, who underwent six years of education and training at the Unam School of Medicine in the Faculty of Health Sciences. In addition, 53 professional engineers at undergraduate level are graduating from the Faculty of Engineering and information Technology this year. Pohamba noted that this was the sixth time since its establishment that Unam graduated engineers from the engineering faculty and noted that nearly all engineering graduates have been absorbed in the job market, both in the public and private sector. For the first time, Unam also conferred a doctoral degree on one of its engineers. Out of the 3,150 students that graduated this year, 641 studied using the distance-learning facilities offered by Unam. This year, the university enrolled about 24,759 students from Namibia and other parts of the world across its 12 campuses. Photo: Emmency Nuukala Graduation day… Unam Chancellor Hifikepunye Pohamba confers a PhD on one of the graduates.

Thursday, April 20 2017 | NEW ERA NEWS 7 CLAIM UP TO % Minister of Health and Social Services Bernard Haufiku Alcohol, drug abuse main cause of mental problems: Haufiku OF YOUR VET LEVY CONTRIBUTION WINDHOEK Alcohol and substance abuse are the leading causes of mental health problems among Namibia’s youth, Minister of Health and Social Services Bernard Haufiku said. Haufiku said this in the National Assembly last week when responding to questions by members of parliament on his ministry’s N 514 579 000 allocation from the N.5 billion National Budget for 2017/18. He said that he noted during a visit to the Oshakati State Hospital recently that at least 80 percent of male patients aged between 23 and 29 in the mental ward were affected by mental illnesses as a result of alcohol and drug abuse. “Alcohol is the main contributing factor to social problems in society and among young people; it heavily affects mental health,” said Haufiku. He emphasised that as much as the ministry is required to deal with mental health patients, the main action is to combat alcohol abuse in communities. “These people abuse alcohol and drugs, yet come to the hospital to use up government resources including expensive mental health medication, while as a nation we can avoid this problem by combating alcohol abuse,” Haufiku said. He called on the government to close down liquor outlets like sheebens in residential areas. Haufiku further noted that operating hours of liquor outlets in informal and urban areas should be the same to stop people moving from one outlet to another. He also stressed that people lose their lives every day because of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Haufiku urged the government to develop and enforce stricter laws including immediately arresting a person found driving drunk. “People will not listen to counselling and campaigns on road safety, but they will listen to the punishment if implemented,” he emphasised. The ministry identified some programmes under which its budget was allocated: Curative and clinical health care services, health system planning and management, public health, and developmental social welfare. – Nampa High treason accused gets 10 years Maria Amakali Windhoek The Supreme Court has sentenced one of the accused in the Caprivi high treason case to 10 years behind bars after he was found guilty. The 60-year-old Albius Motto Liseli was sentenced to 20 years in prison of which 10 years were suspended for five years on condition that he is not convicted of high treason during the period of suspension. Liseli, who is a first-time offender, worked as an administrator in the apartheid colonial administration and formed part of the group at Sachonan, Caprivi Region who wanted to secede Caprivi from Namibia through violent means. Liseli, who did not play any leadership role, was trained to drill and use firearms and later became a soldier. He then fled with 91 other people to Bostwana where they resided at a refugee camp in Dunkwe for two years. They later returned to Namibia in 1999 in an attempt to take over the Caprivi where a number of people lost their lives during the attack in August that year. In 2001 he joined a group in Namibia whose aim was to continue with the attempt to secede the Caprivi, however they could not attempt anything as they did not have enough military weapons or food. The accused returned to his village and was called upon once again to join the fight for the Caprivi secession, but he instead fled to Zambia where he lived until his arrest in 2009 when he handed himself over to the Namibian authorities. Liseli has been in custody for almost nine years and has since become a preacher during his incarceration. “Given the change of heart and the fact that he has led a crime-free life, the accused is capable of reform and should be afforded opportunity to return to society,” explained Judge Marlene Tommasi. All VET-levy registered employers who invested in Training programmes that promote skills development over the past 12 months are eligible for the Employer Training Grant; provided they have no outstanding interest or penalties. Go to and claim today, Submit you application and get more to invest in your 2017 training budget. DEADLINE - 1 MAY 2017 For more information, contact us at: Tel: 061-2078 504 | |

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