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ol. 22 No. 203 Windhoek, Namibia Tuesday, May 30 2017 Unrepentant… The hunter-gather San that inhabit most of southern Africa Inside Today Insight buses repossessed over debt The SME Bank has repossessed four Insight luxury coaches including an undetermined number of properties belonging to US-based Namibian businessman Brian Aongola Nalisa, New Era has established. Page 3 Businesses support rejuvenates Windhoek’s CBD Upmarket development in Windhoek’s central business district (CBD) is on the rise and has boosted the revival of this innercity area. Page 11 Debmarine Cup increase rewards for round-of-16 The draw for the roundof-16 of the Debmarine Namibia Cup was officially conducted in the capital yesterday, with the competition’s organisers announcing increased incentives for players as well as the dates and venues for the various alluring ties set for June 17. Page 23 Nuusita Ashipala Opuwo Women and children have relocated from their villagers to survive by scavenging on the dumpsite at Opuwo for scraps of stale food and other valuables for their survival. Among those who frequent the dumpsite are mainly children Hai//com counting chickens before they hatch Ngaevarue Katjangua Windhoek from the so-called Katutura informal settlement. The youngest of the lot seeking a lifeline at the dumpsite is a 9-month-old baby on her mother’s back. The majority are teenagers who inherited this survival skills from their parents whom they saw foraging on the dumpsite when they were still young children. It is almost midday, and a group of women and children sit Chief of the Hai//com Traditional Authority David Khamuxab has revealed to New Era yesterday the plans the traditional authority has if government pays them the N.9 billion they have request as compensation for Etosha. Khamuxab said if the government were to offer them monetary compensation for the Etosha claim, they would buy farms and other immovable properties. “If we received monetary compensation for our ancestral land, we would meet with local advisors to determine what developments we can do with the money. We could look at buying farms or any other immovable Dinner at dumpsite for Opuwo’s destitute Down and out…Children scavenge for food at the Opuwo dumpsite. properties,” noted Khamuxab. This follows the recent Hai// com’s High Court application to reclaim Etosha and the surrounding areas, which they claim is their ancestral land and has been theirs since the 1800s. The debate around ancestral land has reached new highs in recent months, with government saying such talks drags the country back to the era of Government has initiated several initiatives to feed the destitute, but despite this, it has done little to stop the resurgence in dumpsite scavenging. under a tree waiting for a truck to dispose of waste – their only food source. They jump up at every sound of a car, hoping for a meal, or at least some discarded groceries or expired cosmetics. By midday, only one truck has arrived to dispose of baking flour at the place these teenagers call their ‘shopping centre’. “It is still too early to leave; more trucks will come,” DUMPSITE on page 2 Photo: Nuusita Ashipala Former deputy PG testifies in N million treason lawsuit Maria Amakali Windhoek homelands. In their application, the San clan claimed for years the government has failed to address the vulnerability of the Hai// com and marginalised people, alleging that their community has not been benefiting from their ancestral land, and were denied access to Etosha lands. HAI//COM on page 2 Rodwell Kasika Mukendwa Former deputy prosecutor-general Taswald July took the stand yesterday in the Windhoek High Court to give his account of what transpired during the Caprivi high treason trial, following a N million lawsuit against the state. July, who now works in the private sector, said there was substantial evidence against 76-year-old Rodwell Kasika Mukendwa, who is suing the Minister of Safety and Security, the Prosecutor- General and the government for damages. In his suit, Mukendwa alleges malicious prosecution and wrongful, unlawful and negligent violation or infringement of his constitutional rights, after he was acquitted on charges of high treason in August 2012. LAWSUIT on page 2 New Era Newspaper @NewEraNewspaper #NewEraNewspaper • •

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New Era Newspaper Vol 22 No 167